Improving Company Collaboration, Knowledge Management, and Self-Service

A 70,000 employee, global financial services company wanted to better understand employees’ current and ideal experiences by utilizing journey maps and leveraging previous research. In particular, the client was seeking to uncover innovative solutions that could improve the experiences of their employees in three key areas: collaboration, knowledge management, and self-service. The ultimate goal was to elevate employee retention, productivity, and efficiency by enhancing employee engagement across the organization (including remote, local and globally distributed employees).


  • The insights and ideas derived from this project will serve as the foundation for a new, company-wide employee experience.
  • Large-scale employee experience maps, both current and future, are displayed in a highly visible space where they can be constantly referred to as the company makes future decisions.
  • Encouraging employees and those who serve them (IT teams and the employee experience team) to be a part of the project gave them ownership in the solution and the changes that were going to be made to improve their experience.
  • Two out of the six concepts co-designed through this effort are being prototyped and will be funded to be taken into development in 2017 and 2018.
Stratos doing generative research in Columbus OH