Co-Creating the Customer Journey

Our lifestyles are changing and so the insurance industry needs to adjust. The client gave Stratos a new insurance concept that had been generated and validated with consumers so they were confident that it was a desirable offering. Stratos worked with consumers to identify the ideal way they wanted to experience this new insurance concept. We had consumers co-create their ideal journey with the client’s UX designers and the innovation team. Our client could then move forward, aligned and equipped with detailed journey solutions so they could build out the concept with confidence.


  • Gathered associated needs and desires which led to design criteria and the foundation needed to build out a minimum viable service experience
  • Identified key steps and scenarios at critical moments in the new journey
  • Delivered a consumer inspired experience map to direct the experience strategy

"They were passionate about the concept we were trying to build out and wanted very much to see it come to life. They partnered closely with the team to build trust in their process, materials and deliverables. The deliverables continue to be used today to influence the direction of this specific project and others.