Transform Employee Workspaces Through Service Design

Posted by Stratos Innovation Group on Feb 9, 2022


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Tags: Service Design, Codesign, Co Creation, Experience Mapping, Design Strategy, Design Research, Customer Experience, employee experience, Lego Serious Play, Co-Creation Workshop, CX, frameworks, Methodology, Space Planning, Hybrid Working

Urgent Innovation: 4 ways to master ‘the pivot’ by re-using, re-purposing and re-imagining your business

Posted by Stratos Innovation Group on Apr 20, 2020

The coronavirus-inspired shutdown of the global economy has led to profound existential conversations within the business community. Executives around the world are asking questions like  “How can we position ourselves for success when this is over?” or even “Can we survive this?”

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Tags: Innovation

Hacking innovation methodologies: DT + JTBD

Posted by Anthony Weiler on Jun 28, 2019

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before...
You and your team just wrapped up a maj
or innovation effort… and you’re left with a nagging suspicion that you could have accomplished more if only you could have combined another approach. Sure, you uncovered some opportunities buuuuut it still doesn’t feel like you are getting the whole picture.

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Tags: Innovation, Design Thinking, Front End of Innovation, jobs-to-be-done

Your Customers are Creative. It's Time to Build with Them.

Posted by Stratos Innovation Group on Mar 5, 2018

New Needs, New Technologies, New Expectations

Right now, we’re seeing a renaissance of innovation as tech companies jump out of our screens and into the physical spaces where we work, live, play and shop.

Technologies once relegated to obscure, downstream or mundane tasks are taking in a refreshed limelight—and forcing customers to recalibrate to a new normal.

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Tags: Innovation, Codesign, Co Creation, Design Strategy, Customer Experience, Design Thinking, Front End of Innovation

Why training-by-doing is the future of corporate learning and development.

Posted by Anthony Weiler on Feb 8, 2018


We’ve all been there. You’re sent away for an expensive week of training and while some of what you learned was helpful, you find it hard to apply your new knowledge.

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Tags: Service Design, Codesign, collaboration, Train-by-doing

Are we too focused on touchpoints? Maybe we should think about servicescapes instead.

Posted by Anthony Weiler on Jan 25, 2018

As technology rapidly evolves and connects our experiences, what does the future
of our physical environments look like? At Stratos we’re passionate about systems thinking in service design. We don't just look at the intangible offerings of services, but also the tangible artifacts and environments in which these experiences take place. Many design teams are stuck thinking about and innovating around touchpoints but we believe there’s a need to be more holistic in our thinking. This had us asking the question: Is there a way to think beyond touchpoints?

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Tags: Service Design, User Experience, Design Strategy, Customer Experience

Top 5 Reasons Why Successful Leaders are Investing in Service Design

Posted by Anthony Weiler on Jan 17, 2018


If you’re like most leaders, you have the drive and dedication to improve your organization wherever possible. No organization is perfect and you likely realize that your business could stand to improve its services but, deciding where to start can be overwhelming – if not paralyzing. However, there is a way to effectively and
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Tags: Service Design, Experience Mapping, User Journey Mapping, Customer Experience, Design Thinking

Moving from Prototyping to “Provotyping”

Posted by Stratos Innovation Group on Sep 13, 2017

Learn, explore and generate possible futures in the front-end of design

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Tags: Service Design, Prototyping, Design, Design Thinking, Provotyping

Three Practical Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Research and Design

Posted by Stratos Innovation Group on Jun 14, 2017

Does your organization have challenges bridging the research insights and design development phases on experience-based projects? It can be difficult, especially during large scale projects within an organization.

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Tags: Service Design, Codesign, UX, User Experience, Customer Experience

Co-design: A Powerful Force for Creativity and Collaboration

Posted by Stratos Innovation Group on Mar 15, 2017

We can all agree that creativity and collaboration are good things, but not everyone is in agreement on what they look like in practice or the best way to support them.

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Tags: Codesign, User Research, Design, User Experience, Design Thinking

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