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Your Customers are Creative. It's Time to Build with Them.

Posted by Stratos Innovation Group on Mar 5, 2018

New Needs, New Technologies, New Expectations

Right now, we’re seeing a renaissance of innovation as tech companies jump out of our screens and into the physical spaces where we work, live, play and shop.

Technologies once relegated to obscure, downstream or mundane tasks are taking in a refreshed limelight—and forcing customers to recalibrate to a new normal.

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Tags: Innovation, Codesign, Co Creation, Design Strategy, Customer Experience, Design Thinking, Front End of Innovation

6 Strategic Tips for Facilitating Innovation

Posted by Stratos Innovation Group on Sep 14, 2016

At Stratos, we’ve played a range of roles in the strategic front-end of the innovation process. In our experience, we have found that clients often need more than research insights. They need help bridging the gap between design research and the implementation work streams of their project. If you want to add value to your offering, your role might go beyond that of a design researcher or even a design strategist and become that of a “facilitator of innovation.” Here are some lessons we’ve learned from working on innovation projects:

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Tags: Innovation, UX, Design, User Experience, Design Research

We are Stratos, and we are here to share and start conversations!

Posted by Stratos Innovation Group on Jan 14, 2015

Let’s navigate change side-by-side.

After a few years of engaging in a range of design research and strategy work, we have started a blog space where we can share what we’ve learned and what we’re up to. We also want to invite a dialogue between other design researchers, strategists, leaders of innovation, members of the continuous improvement community, the user experience community, and beyond. Our goal is to share our thoughts, to share the things we find useful, and to generate conversation across industries.

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Tags: Service Design, Innovation, UX, Design, User Experience

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