Stratos was created to provide real-world value across the entire design development continuum.

Deep Discovery

In the front-end-of-innovation space, our intensive, immersive discovery process taps into people’s underlying motivations to identify insights that will enable you to create with confidence.

Unlike quantitative research, which is generally used to measure behaviors, our pre-design qualitative work allows us to connect with people’s deep-seated wants, needs, fears, and desires to unearth the insights with the greatest opportunity to lead to a transformative change.

Key Services:

Strategic Insights
Insights Framing
Customer Segmentation
Future Scenarios

Opportunity Mapping

We transform the processes, experiences, and behaviors of your customers into clear, actionable visualizations that enable you to identify opportunities, navigate complexity, and expand the lifecycle of the insight.

These visualizations are unique, clear representations of your audience’s core beliefs and longings, and allow everyone in your organization to clearly identify gaps — and more fully understand areas of greatest potential.

Key Services:

Insights Activation

The greatest insights in the world are useless if they wind up on a shelf in some siloed department somewhere deep within your organization. It is at this part of the design development continuum that we work side-by-side with your team, developing their ability to bridge insights into actions that deliver real-world value.       

Key Services:

Front-End Acceleration

Organizational Adoption

One of the most powerful by-products of our work is its ability to transform your organization and leave it better positioned for future innovation. Throughout every phase of the design development continuum, we empower your team to adopt and utilize our principles and methodology so that future insights and ideas will resonate within your organization.

Key Services:



From framing and gathering insights to capability building to navigating a roadmap to the future, we can help your organization achieve your goals.