The impact on servicespace design as technology becomes part of our everyday interactions

Are we too focused on touchpoints? Maybe we should think about servicescapes instead.

Posted by Anthony Weiler on Jan 25, 2018

As technology rapidly evolves and connects our experiences, what does the future
of our physical environments look like? At Stratos we’re passionate about systems thinking in service design. We don't just look at the intangible offerings of services, but also the tangible artifacts and environments in which these experiences take place. Many design teams are stuck thinking about and innovating around touchpoints but we believe there’s a need to be more holistic in our thinking. This had us asking the question: Is there a way to think beyond touchpoints?

Introducing  Servicescapes

A servicescape can be described as the spatial environment in which a service takes place and value is exchanged. To learn more check out 4 Important Roles of the Servicescape – Explained.

Servicescapes contain many elements that influence consumer behavior. They can be overlooked by designers when solely focusing on touchpoints. These include multisensory ambience like lighting, noise, and temperature, as well as functional details like signage, materials, and layout. Technology, such as virtual or augmented reality, are also instrumental in impacting experiences within these environments.

No matter how rapidly technology develops and in what ways it influences each touchpoint in a service offering, we know one thing: It is our continued responsibility to carefully consider the impact and influence of servicescapes on user experiences. The more fitness trackers, AR glasses, motion sensors and computer vision start to creep into everyday touchpoints, the more cognisant designers must be on how these “layers” of experience ultimately culminate into holistic servicescapes. If we ignore their impact, we might find ourselves missing opportunities for improvement, simplification and innovation.

Feel free to reach out to and we can set up a time to discuss. We would love to hear your thoughts about designing servicescapes!


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