"Learn-by-Doing" Training Workshop

Stratos partnered with the Dispatch Media Company to train their employees in design research and human-centered design mindset and methods. The objective was to create a new work flow for their research, design and development process. The Dispatch wanted to adopt a more holistic development methodology that solves problems created by their current siloed approach to developing content-based digital solutions. To facilitate an organizational shift we needed to empower people with a common framework, mindset, and language to use between marketing, content and digital design departments.


Stratos created a customized design thinking workshop curriculum that included a combination of short teachings paired with hands-on activities to meet their goals.


  • Created an innovation framework for Dispatch marketing, IT and the digital design team to re-imagine their work flow.
  • Provided a common language for inter-departmental collaboration.
  • Champions were identified during the workshop process to become advocates to support scaling up design thinking within the organization.
  • Led to a bottoms-up, more sustainable approach for embedding design thinking into their culture.

“You are detail oriented,collaborative,out of the box thinkers,patient with folks on our team who were 'old school.”

- Client