Rethinking Care Ecosystems

Stratos was brought in as a partner to bring human-centered design to leverage the client's strong engineering and product tradition. We did this by facilitating insight gathering sessions with key stakeholders in the care ecosystem (patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals). Bringing these perspectives together for the first time was an important step in helping Roche pilot a new initiative. Despite being a leader in the diabetes products market, Roche faced fierce competition from start-ups and heightened commoditization due to increased manufacturing in outsourced regions. They needed to re-establish leadership by exploring new opportunities that went beyond next generation versions of their core products.


  • Identified the highest value opportunities within and across unique patient archetypes, developed from the research, that could have the greatest impact for the business
  • Demonstrated how patient archetypes and experience journey maps can be used to inform and evaluate empathetic design and product strategy as well as inspire marketing strategy for positioning, messaging, and sales
  • Using large-scale experience journey maps, we immersed employees from different departments into the findings during a hands-on activities workshop event
  • Leveraged innovation capabilities across different divisions and outlined long-term design strategy by informing their portfolio strategy, product and service development and commercial innovation

“You’re not just a design research and strategy firm, you are culture changers for global organizations like ours."

- Client