Co-designing a Digital Solution for Independence

Seeking to stand out in the digital health market, the mobile  committee at Nationwide Children’s Hospital (NCH) sought to create a holistic systems strategy for their mobile health solution to help families and children that are living with a chronic disease. The NCH mobile solution committee consulted with Stratos to capture unmet needs, pain points and key barriers for the teen patients and their caregiver as the teen is transitioning to self management. We focused on identifying gaps and opportunities for new mobile health solutions.


  • The large scale patient experience journey map incorporating unmet needs and key moments for patients age 13 to 18 provided the broader perspective the mobile committee needed to focus their strategy for the upcoming budget year
  • The integrated mobile health system explored via this initiative has become a collection of foundational insights for the mobile committee to make strategic decisions and serves as a scalable innovation strategy for tech-based platforms
  • Patterns and themes emerged across patients with different diseases which led to generalizable and adaptable solutions
  • Insights and opportunities uncovered from this work will position the hospital as a thought leader in mobile health via peer-review publications
Co-creating ideal future experience for teens and caregivers digital health experience